How to install eduroam on Windows 10

  1. Browse to and download the Windows 10 installer.

  2. Begin the installation by right clicking the downloaded file and choosing Run as administrator.

  3. Click Yes here...

  4. Choose Next...

  5. Click OK...

  6. Enter your email address ( as your username, and your password twice, and click Install...

  7. Click Yes to accept the centria-CA sertificate...

  8. Click Finish...

The first time you log on to eduroam you will have to enter your username and password again, but after that it will be remembered.


You may encounter the error message shown here below during the installation. But it should not affect the outcome of the installation.

Otherwise check your user rights;

Press Windows key + R and run the command netplwiz. Select your user account and click Properties. After that select the Group Membership tab.
If your account is not a member of the Administrator group, then make it a member of that group during the eduroam installation. Afterwards you can make your user account a member of the Standard user group again. You need to logout and login again to make these changes take effect.

If you still have problems, and have the knowledge, you can try to do the installation manually using WPA-Enterprise/AES + Microsoft Protected EAP (PEAP)/Secured password (EAP-MSCHAP v2) authentication methods.