www.eduroam.fi | www.eduroam.org

For Centria students and employees

How to install:
  1. Open https://cat.eduroam.org/?idp=1227 and download the installer for your device.
  2. Run the installer, and enter your email address (firstname.lastname@centria.fi) as
    the username.
  3. Accept the centria-CA sertificate.

Instructions with more details for Windows 10
eduroam Privacy Notice (PDF)


When eduroam isn't available, you can use open WiFi networks safely with eduVPN:
  1. Download and install the eduVPN client for your device: https://www.eduvpn.org/apps.html
  2. Start eduVPN and choose “Safely use the Internet”
  3. Select “Finland” as the Country.
  4. Choose “Centria University of Applied Sciences” as the authentication provider, and enter your username (firstname.lastname@centria.fi) and password.
  5. - Approve the application, but don’t save the password if the browser is suggesting that!
  6. Click “Internet Access” to start the VPN connection. A successful connection looks like this: